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Updated June 30, 2001

The Magical Armchair is back!

After the second hiatus while we pondered some administrative actions, the Magical Armchair has been moved to Topica, a large mailing list hosting service. Topica has many advantages:

The administrator (me) enjoys several benefits as well:

as well as other benefits.

All current listmembers, as well as those who have joined while the list is offline, will be subscribed to the Topica list and will receive the welcome message. Anyone else who wishes to subscribe can do so in three ways:

Thanks for being so patient during this downtime. Ben is about to hit the road touring, put out a new record and get things cooking again, so let's all talk about it!

E-mail worm in digest 2283

A user infected with the Win32/MTX e-mail worm posted to the Armchair, and the worm replicated itself in digest 2283 following his post. Please do not execute this code if you are given the opportunity to do so. Instead, please visit this website for more information and instructions on how to disinfect your system:

If you find yourself infected, please do not post to the Armchair until you are clean. Thanks.

Your list administrator's e-mail server (at has changed, which affects the way I can read and reply to email sent to my old address ( Please do not use that address any more; instead, write me at

WARNING: ILOVEYOU e-mail worm contained in Armchair #2011

On May 5, 2000 along with the rest of the world, The Armchair was hit with the ILOVEYOU visual basic worm. Please do not extract or execute this code. For full details on the worm, please visit F-Secure's website.

WARNING: Virus posted in Armchair #1731

The pesky Happy99.exe worm appeared again in issue 1731, Saturday, September 24, 1999. (It previously also appeared in issue #1583.) This took the form of a uuencoded binary titled Happy99.exe. This is an e-mail "worm" that has been going around for some time. It has the potential to cause serious mischief. Do not save or execute this binary - it will cause a copy of the worm to be sent to anyone to whom you subsequently send e-mail or post to a newsgroup.

Note that this binary only affects users running Microsoft Windows 3.1 or 95/98. Users of most operating systems, such as Linux, Unix, OS/2, MacOS, and even MS Windows NT, are unaffected.

A detailed explanation of the function and effects of this worm can be found at at the DataFellows site, and at at the McAfee site.

Again, do not decode or execute this attachment. Merely deleting it from your system is sufficient to prevent infection if you have not executed it.

If there are problems with the list server that distributes the Magical Armchair, check here for updates. Please don't e-mail me with questions about the list being down.


There has been much discussion on the Armchair about having t-shirts made for list members. Don Curtis has put up a web page to take votes on the design. See the Armchair for more discussion on the t-shirt subject.

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